ABB Totalflow Pressure

ABB µFLO 6213 IMV Analog Measurement Unit (AMU)
Repair Prices Include Automated
and Pressure Tests
1 Year Warranty

Board Repair — $270.00
Major Repair — $480.00

Services and Repair
Repair $480.00
1 Year Warranty


FISHER MVS $480.00



Tflow has repaired Abb amu’s Imv’s for more than 15 years.  We do not modify electronic board circuitry or pressure cell bellows, cell integrity is maintained.  We developed a repair process that has evolved over the past 15 years that enables us to also repair Fisher Roc Mvs and Bristol Rtu’s.  Tflow uses laboratory models PK dead weight testers for DP/AP measurement and druck barometers for atmospheric pressure measurement.  Proof positive of this process is our many repeat customers.

WARRANTY:  1 Year.  All electronic components.  Does not cover man caused damage or acts of god.  No charge for non-repairable boards.

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