EFM Data Collection System Efficiency

Tflow Specialized Rf Field Services
ABB Totalflow Efm Systems / GeMds Licensed Radio System Efficiency Restoration.
System Efficiency Degradation Occurs Over Time . Efm s’ Need Maintenance On a Regular Basis To Operate And Communicate Effectively . Licensed Radio Systems Will Experience Loss Of Range ( System Gain ) and Not Communicate Efficiently With Meters Previously Working . Many Factors Will Affect System Range and Efficiency.

Licensed Radio Systems Have A Range Of 30 Miles Or More . Hand Collection Of Data Is Expensive And Time Consuming , Putting Off Other Tasks That Need To Be Done . We Have Restored Systems That Were Operating For Well Over 10 Years With Problems That Heretofore Could Not Be Resolved Or Even Detected . We Restored Those Systems To 100 % Efficiency . We Can Restore Yours . For References And A List of Systems Restored Contact Juan Barrera email barrera@tflow.com .

Phase I
An Initial RF and Data System Evaluation Will Need To Be
Performed . We Will Provide A Report Of Problems Or Issues With System
And Provide An Estimate Of Cost
System Evaluation:  $1,150. 00 Per dayEstimate 1 To 2 Days
Phase II
Rf / Data System Analysis: $1,150. 00 Per DayEstimate 1 To 5 Days
Master Station Equipment Repair
Master Station Antenna System Analysis
Rf / Data System Analysis
Rf Interference Analysis Identifying Sources and Resolving Issues
Identify Individual Meter Problems
Phase lll
Field Meter Repair: $ 1,150. 00 Per Day|Estimate 5 To 15 Meters Per Day
Repair Individual Field Meter Problems
Rf Analysis of Each Problem Meter
Improve Rf Path for Problem Meters
Phase lV
System Efficiency / Performance
$1,150. 00 Per Day Estimate 1 To 5
1. Rf / Data Analysis
2. Consolidate System Gains
3. System Performance Improvement
4. Clean Up Any Remaining Meter Problems
Truck , Tools & Test Equipment: Included In Service Rate On Location
Service Rates: Per Day 10 Hr Day On Location
Per Diem: $180. 00
 Trip Charges
Travel Time One Way To Destination: $45. 00 per hr
Mileage Charge One Way To Destination: $00.55 per mile


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