Unlisted Electronic Boards

We can repair any electronic circuit board currently in the market today. With our state of the art equipment it is no longer necessary to have circuit schematics in order to repair electronic circuit boards. If you have electronic boards not listed repair prices, we maybe able to repair them. We only need a same model working board(s) or preferably a new board of the same model(s). We develop a program for your specific board and save it to file.

Your good boards are then shipped back to you without damage with your repaired boards. Our program development for automated testing of your board(s) is free. If we do not have your board in our repair list and it is a popular board, your first repair is free.

Contact Juan Barrera @ 1-800-581-2933 for more information.

Boards we currently repair not on our main list:
Barton NuFlo6580.03
Halliburton MC 11 Circuit Bds
Harding PC06586
Ingersol Compressor Boards Termination BD
Dsply BD
Starter Interface Bd

Always visit our website for current pricing.

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